One Team Basketball Organization

Corporate/Business Sponsorship Levels and Partnership Benefits

One Team Basketball is in its first year of operation and we are extremely excited about the possibilities for our team to excel this year. As we prepare our athletes mentally and physically for this year of competition, we also intend to kick off our fundraising efforts early to ensure we are able to meet our financial objectives for the year. Corporate/Business sponsorships are a significant component of our strategy. Any level of sponsorship is greatly appreciated.


Sponsorship levels for your consideration:


One Team Basketball welcomes the following levels of sponsorship:


Full Season Sponsorship $10,000 = Covers a significant portion of the team’s annual expenditures

(Sponsor’s corporate information and a link to your website will be displayed on One Team Basketball official website, banner at hosted events, Logo on Uniform, warmups, and shooting shirt.



Platinum: $2,000


·      Banner at annual hosted event

·      Logo with hyperlink displayed on all, Social media  and sponsor page

·      Logo on team warm ups/shooting shirt


           Gold: $1,000

·     Logo on sponsor page 

·     Logo on team shooting shirt

           Name listed on sponsor page:

Sponsor 2 Team tournament      $500 = Tournament Registration Fee

·     Sponsor Team Training        $900 = (12 Players)

·     Sponsor Team Shoes           $960 = Team Shoes (12 Players)

·    Sponsor at your own level     $ = You Decide

 Friends and Family of One Team Basketball - all other donations  

Name listed on sponsor page




Business/Person’s Name:___________________________________

Business/Person’s Address:________________________________

City: ____________________________________ State: _________ Zip:____

Contact Number:_______________________ Email: _____________

Business Name:___________________________________________

Business Address:________________________________________

City: ____________________________________ State: __________ Zip: ___

Business Phone:______________________ Fax:________________

Email:                                                                                                                 Website:

Level of sponsorship:

Please make checks payable to: One Team Basketball and mail this sponsorship form with your payment to:


One Team Basketball Organization

17920 92nd Ave E

Puyallup, WA 98375

PH:  (253) 271-0146

Cell: (915) 240-2622


One Team Basketball Organization and our 5th and 6th Grade athletes appreciate your support. Your sponsorship is critical to the success and growth of our program, and we are honored to be a recipient of your generosity and kindness.